A lil bit about me

All the way from Austin Texas, ya new favorite artist "Luv B. A.k.A.me". Very rarely do you find an artist whos style is without limits, but in this case it's safe to say "WHOA". Not afraid of being himself, Luv B. taunts mainstream rappers with his honesty and creativity. Far from being a "gangster rapper", his music stands out as bold, risky, but also just flat out good. If you are in the business of looking for new talent, this is the guy to watch. Guaranteed!


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The Amateur 

I finally done yall. I will release it April 1st so get ready. I go all the from something for soul to something for the club. There aint no stoppin me, im goin all the way. I PROMISE

Real Rap 

I feel like a lot of artist just rap. No plan of how they want the song to sound, or who they're talkin to. I hope yall dont get that feeling when you're listening to me.

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